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Australia Sapphire

Australian sapphires began entering the U.S. market approximately 50 years ago. These first sapphires were known for being extremely dark, almost black. These gemstones were used in inexpensive jewelry, and were sold in department stores and shopping malls. One marketing strategy at the time was to convince consumers that these extremely dark sapphires were high quality since “the darker the better”. However, many of these stones lacked any play of color and were so dark as to resemble black onyx.

Australian sapphires mined today are not black. In fact, these sapphires come in many colors, and bi-colors are common. As a result, the prices for Australian sapphires has skyrocketed. We were lucky to have several parcels of untreated/unheated Australian sapphires offered to us by the miner, and we selected the best parcel for quality and clarity. Although a couple of these sapphires are dark, they will all exhibit their natural colors of blue, green or yellow in sunlight. We do not know when or if we will come across another parcel such as this, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.


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